an online system, available for employees, which connects drivers with passengers.

CARDAPT is the fastest and safest travel tool designed to assist the daily commute of medium and large sized company's employees. Unlike other rideshare services, CARDAPT aims to facilitate communication between you and your colleagues and help the organisation of your daily trips, according to your needs. By using CARDAPT you can be part of the newest campaign in your city which aims to reduce traffic intensity and carbon emissions.

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how it works


it is a ridesharing network at corporate level, working via mobile application, which connects employees of different companies, where they can discover and share new experiences. CARDAPT shows all available seats from each car to passengers travelling in the same directions as the drivers. They can jump in the ride and wait for the driver to accept or decline it. Drivers can accept passengers until all available seats are filled in. The desired impact is to increase the average number of passengers per car, at the same time, to reduce traffic and CO2 emissions in cities.


All you need to do is setting up your route, the pick-up location and the pick-up time. After these steps you can wait for the passengers to jump in or make your own request to them. You can accept requests from more passengers simultaneously.


For the passenger the whole process is even simple. All you need to do is setting up a destination and a time for your travel. The application will work automatically for you and show the best matches. You are free to request the best ride for you or accept a request from a driver. Via the secured chat function you can easily communicate with the driver to fix additional details of pick-up.


# Connects companies for a common goal.

# Increases the efficiency of a daily ride to work by car.

# Private & safe network, available at corporate level.

# Helps to keep employee’s satisfaction at a high level.


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